Hi dear Colleagues =)

Here is a little bit about myself:

I have obtained a Health Science diploma at DAWSON college. Afterwards, I have joined the department of Microbiology & Immunology at McGill University for my Bachelor’s degree. College & undergraduate life was not an easy walk and has certainly contributed to my caffeine dependence. Nevertheless, those years also contain some of the most exciting moments in my life so far.

·       Fascinated by some of the most dangerous infectious agents in the World, I have decided to follow the vibe of curiosity. Presently, I am pursuing a Master of Science degree in parallel with my attempt to obtain a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research.

I believe, that we live in a vastly interconnected World, in which communication is the essence for resolving the complexed problems we face in our everyday activities. Analogously, the dialogue in between scientific disciplines is essential and integral part of the successful development of medicine and medical science. For this reason, I shall attempt to enhance our intradepartmental communication. Indeed, if you identify an unaddressed need or you have a vison of how we can make the interdepartmental communication better, do not hesitate to exchange your ideas and suggestions with me on nikola.kokinov@mail.mcgill.ca  or by directly reaching me at Glen (Research Institute, Block E, Lab E03-5157). After all, “great ideas come from everywhere” and You navigating me is the best way to ensure that what I do is fulfilling your needs.