New Student Program Information

Below you will find all presentations and information that was presented to Experimental Medicine students at the New Student Orientation (2018). While this is geared towards new students entering into the program it may also be helpful for returning students.

The presentation below contains program administrative, requirements, and award information.

ExMed New Student Orientation Presentation copy.jpg
2018_Grad_Orientation_Helpful_McGIll_Resources copy.jpg

Essential Resources

This presentation “Essential Resources for Your Success” outlines resources available to graduate students

Dr.Fixman_Presentation_CommitteeMeetings_2018 copy.jpg

Committee Meetings

This presentation given by Dr. Fixman outlines the role of your academic advisor and guidelines for annual committee meetings.

Graduate Funding Orientation Presentation_2018 copy.jpg

Graduate Student Funding

This presentation given by GPS outlines funding opportunities available to graduate students. You can also learn more at their website.

Panel Event Presentation:

Preparing for and Surviving Graduate School Evaluations

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