Sanket is currently in his 2nd year of Master’s in the ExMed department. Having been the co-president of the IDIGH trainee program, Sanket believes he can translate his experience to EMGSS. His project is to understand and to characterize the role of antibodies in controlling HIV infection, especially in HIV elite controllers (ECs), a rare subset of HIV infected individuals who can control the viremia without antiretroviral therapy. This knowledge will advance the development of anti-HIV vaccines by designing potent anti-HIV antibodies which can induce the human innate immune system. When he is not planning or performing experiments, he often watches and discusses soccer and Manchester United enthusiastically. You can always contact him at

As co-Glen representatives, Zeinab & Sanket will communicate all EMGSS-related information to Experimental Medicine students residing at the RI-MUHC (Glen) site. They will also assist the VP Internal with Glen related activities (social, academic or otherwise). Lastly, they would connect with the ExMed students at the Glen site and raise their issues, if any, to the EMGSS.